Valve reveals the Steam Deck’s packaging, complete with Portal references and suggestions where to play

Valve has revealed what buyers of the Steam Deck will find wrapped around their handheld gaming device when it finally arrives. In what is the antithesis of Apple’s elaborate packaging, the company has opted for a generic brown box.

Valve writes that it recently completed its DV (Design Validation) manufacturing build of the Steam Deck, which it will be using for additional testing and developer kits. DV is the final prototype build, meaning the finished consumer unit will come with only minor changes.

Valve also gave us a sneak peek at the Steam Deck’s packaging. It’s not much more than a brown cardboard box, but looking closely reveals some icons on the side reference the company’s beloved Portal games.

The inside of the box is equally understated. However, it does contain a list of locations in various languages where the Steam Deck can be enjoyed. These include “on the toilet,” which, let’s be honest, is where most people will use the miniature PC. It also mentions the subway and a Ferris wheel, both of which could be dangerous gaming spots, depending on where you live.

We also get to see the contents of the box. The carrying case for the Steam Deck itself looks pretty nice, though this is the one buyers of the 64GB and 256GB models will receive; the 512GB version comes with its own special case.

Finally, there are some instructions and a USB Type-C power supply—it seems Valve isn’t going down the same route that most big smartphone companies are taking by actually including a charger.

The first Steam Decks were supposed to arrive this month. Unfortunately, like so many other things, the chip shortage scuppered those plans. We’ll now be waiting until February before they’re in the hands of gamers.

In other Steam Deck news this week, Valve said it wasn’t interested in making games exclusively for the handset as it doesn’t make sense.